26/02/2019 - Swiss coffee machine specialist continues on growth trajectory.

JURA Elektroapparate AG, which is based in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland, maintained its successful growth trajectory in the 2018 financial year. With revenue totalling CHF 515.9 million, the company broke through the half-billion mark for the first time. This represents an increase of 7.5 % compared to the previous year. In terms of unit sales, JURA sold 380 000 automatic speciality coffee machines – 14 000 more than in 2017, corresponding to an increase of 3.8 %. ‘In the domestic segment, growth was fuelled by the launch of the new ENA 8 and by our extremely popular S8 model while, in the professional segment, the global market launch of the new X8 played a key role,’ explained CEO Emanuel Probst at today’s press conference at JURA’s headquarters. JURA saw particularly strong growth in Europe, North America and Australia. ‘The signs are good for this year as well,’ he added. ‘With a clear focus on product innovations and the global implementation of our Premium POS strategy, we are aiming to sell 400 000 coffee machines.’


Business development









Revenue of the JURA Group in mill. CHF



Share of revenue: Europe

80,5 %

80 %

Share of revenue: Rest of World

19,5 %

20 %

Number of automatic coffee machines




Full-time positions - Group



Full-time positions - Switzerland (including 24 trainees)

36,5 %

36,5 %

Full-time positions - international

63,5 %

63,5 %

*) provisional figures

Growth drivers for 2018

JURA’s success is based on three key pillars: a strong product range, growing markets and good framework conditions. The international success of the E line model series – which was responsible for the most successful product launch in JURA’s history when it was introduced in 2017 – continued unabated last year. JURA also gained additional momentum from the S8. The product achieved the third victory in a row in the automatic coffee machine test conducted by the leading European technical inspection agency, following the success of the E8 in 2016 and the J6 in 2017. In the professional segment, the newly launched X8 has met with resounding approval around the globe. A total of 380 000 JURA coffee machines were sold last year – 14 000 more than the previous year, corresponding to an increase of 3.8 %. Revenue increased by 7.5 % to CHF 515.9 million. ‘The growth was primarily achieved in Europe – particularly in Poland, the Netherlands, the UK and Austria – as well as in North America and Australia,’ explained Emanuel Probst. ‘We also benefited from framework conditions such as the healthy global economy and stable exchange rates.’

Product, sales and service innovations
Last spring saw a notable milestone as JURA produced its 5-millionth coffee machine since 1994. With the launch of the new ENA 8 product line, the Z6 with artificial intelligence and the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) for smartphones – which enables coffee lovers to enjoy speciality coffees tailored to their own personal taste, every time and from anywhere – JURA is demonstrating its credentials as an innovation leader.

In Hamburg, a JURA Store opened its doors to the public. The roll-out of the Premium POS also continued around the globe, demonstrating the possibilities of the POS of the future. Based on the model of the Glass Service Centre at the headquarters in Niederbuchsiten, JURA Hospitality Centres finally opened in Vilnius (Lithuania), Copenhagen (Denmark), Wilrijk (Belgium) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Outlook for 2019

JURA has made a strong start to the year. ‘On the product side, we have set ourselves the target of increasing sales to 400 000 units,’ said Emanuel Probst. The strong product range will play a major role in helping the company to achieve this target – with the global roll-out of the ENA 8 making a significant contribution. In addition, JURA will be ramping up its activities at the POS and focusing on establishing new markets. JURA South Africa is set to open in Johannesburg in March, after which JURA will be represented on all continents. There is also a major new project in the works at the headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. Probst explains: ‘From 2015 to 2018, we were able to increase our unit quantities by 30 %. In order to maintain our rate of innovation, we will be launching our “Innovation and Laboratory Capacity 2020+” project.’

JURA will also be developing and updating its PR campaign with brand ambassador Roger Federer this year. The campaign will include a few surprises and will feature speciality coffees prepared just the way the maestro likes them and the way they are always prepared by JURA machines: ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled’.